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Our Mission
Including our work Arabic / Japanese professional team to serve your consumers, we seek and strive for the continuation of Hala Japan Network for tourism as a leader in the field of travel and tourism to Arab travelers to Japan by offering unique travel experiences and best tourist offers with the professionalism in the service professional and efficient high fit the Arab taste.
Hala Japan is always the preferred option for Arab travelers to the land of the samurai.
We offer all tourist services the level of the Japanese standard, which is the best in the world’s level.
Our special programs will suit your needs; also, we provide the best offers available in the travel and tourism to Japan.​
Determined by our honesty, integrity and loyalty with all partners. Develop the skills of our team, and continuously strive to offer the best services to your clients in order to achieve full satisfaction.

Work as a partner for travel business in Japan.
Provide a power solution for Arab travellers to Japan
Capture oportunities for yout travel business in japan
Handle your travel business to japan in a standard of Arabian hospitality and Japanese standard of Service.​
Foster openness, respect, and trust is the base for our business to creat excitment for your travellers during stay in Japan.
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Dream tour to Japan
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We preparred various itineraries to make it easy for you when promote japan tour to you clients. Our itineraries matching with all needs.
We arranged special itineraries for Family tour, Business tour, Honeymooner tour, Low budget tour, Medical tour...... and various tours. Also we are reday for tailor made tour upon request.
Monday - Friday   09:30  - 18:00

Japan time zone:
   GMT +9 hours