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Heading 3

12 Days itinerary

Day 1
Travel from your home country to Japan. Please note that the best airline to Japan from the Arab regions are  Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airline.
And all of them leave at night and arrive in Japan the next day.
The flying hours from 10-12 hours.
And spend the first night on board.

Day 2
PM arrive to Japan, the meet & assist at the airport by Arabic tourist guide and private car.
Transfer to the hotel and check in. after check in, a short brief about the tour.
Avarage transfer time form airport to the hotel is 1-2 hours.

Day 3
Visit the main tourist attractions in Tokyo.
Visit the historic Asakusa area and Sensoji Temple historical which is one of the most important temples in Japan and spread around a lot of temples and religious buildings, as well as small shops selling traditional gifts.
Visit Tokyo Sky Tree Tower , the second-tallest tower in the world after the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. And a height of 634 meters.
It is the tallest tower in the world is used in radio and television broadcasting.
Climb to the top of the tower gives you a thrilling experience to see the entire city of Tokyo from the tallest building in Japan.
Visit Square Garden and the Imperial Palace
Free tour in the famous streets of Tokyo (Ginza Street) where you can roam the plush international brands shops.
Go to the Shibuya area, where the famous statue of the dog Hachiko and see a largest cross the area in the world.

Day 4
Visit Odaiba area and see a Biggest robot in the world.
Visit Akihabara district (Akihabara) and called the electric city. You will find out all electrical and electronic appliances at very good prices.
Visit the historic Tokyo station, which exceed 100 years old.

Day 5
Spend a full day in the magic and fantasy of Tokyo Disneyland

Day 6
Visit the largest fish market in the world and called Tsukoji (Tsukuji fish market)
Visit Ueno area and Okatche Machi (Ueno & Okachimachi) where Japanese popular markets and products cheap price. As well as the taste of a lot of tasty cuisine experience.
Visit Harajuku City, called the young city.
Free tour in Takashita street and enjoy shopping and experience the munchies.
Free tour in the most luxurious shopping mall in Tokyo called  (Mitsukoshi) where the most luxurious products and brands Japanese and international.

Day 7
Proceed to Mount Fuji by bullet train and called in Japanese (Shinkansen) with speed of up to 300 kilometers per hour.
Visit Mount Fuji which registered in the World Heritage by UNESCO because of its wonderful historic temples.
And enjoy a cruise where joie picturesque scenery and beautiful view of Mount Fuji from the lake.

Day 8
Visit the city of Yokohama, a major port in Japan, one of the most beautiful Japanese cities.
Visit Hakkejima and the largest aquarium in the world and also will enjoy the city and entertaining games as well as dolphin shows.
Visit China town has a distinctive character of the Chinese and multiple products. Chinatown in Yokohama City is one of the largest in the world,
Visit the new City of Yokohama (Minato Mirai) and ride the scroll wheel for sightseeing from the highest point.
Visit Osanabashi Pier to view I hold view of the city Yokohama.
Have unforgotable cruise trip in Tokyo Bay.

Day 9

Transfer to second biggest city in Japan,  Osaka by bullet train.
Access to Shin Osaka station (Shin Osaka) and go to the hotel.
Free tour in Namba area, the most famousand commercial street in the city of Osaka and the largest vital commercial area filled with shops and hundreds of restaurants that offer various traditional Japanese and international cousines.
The tour includes Shinsaibashi Street, where months combined international brands in one street.
It's really unique and enjoyable shopping experience.

Day 10
Visit historic Osaka Castle and the surrounding park and enjoy the beauty of nature.
Orientation to the city of Nara and visit the open deer park.
Visit the largest temple built of wood in the world (Daibutsu).

Day 11
Visit the city of Kyoto and enjoy the beauty of nature and the scent of history in the ancient capital of Japan.
Kyoto is a museum open to the civilization of the Japanese because they contain more than a thousand temple comes on top of the Golden Temple (Kinkakuji), which is the most important tourist attractions of Kyoto.
As well as visit Kiyomizu-dera  with a distinctive character and scenic.
Transfer to airport for final departure
Fly back to your home country

Day 12
Arrive at home country

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