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    How can get Japan entry visa for Arab nationality?
    Foreign visitor to japan must hold a valid passport and a valid use throughout the duration of the visit. Arab visitor entry visa is required before travelling from the Japanese embassy or consulate in his country. Vary the conditions for obtaining a visa from country to another. Please contact Japanese embassy in your country for more details.
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    Is there is direct flight from Arab regions to Japan?
    Direct flights from Arab regions are from, United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi (Etihad airlines) and Dubai (Emirates airlines), and from Qatar Doha (Qatar airlines. However connection flight for 3 airlines are available from all Arab regions.
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    Is Japanese food is suitable for Arabs?
    There are many of Japanese dishes meets Arabian taste. like Tempura, Teppan yaki, Yaki niku, Yaki tori, Shabu shabu, Also can try many kinds of Japanese noodles. Don't miss trying Japanese Sushi which is very famous all over the world.
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    Is there is Halal restaurants in japan?
    Yes, there is a lot of Halal restaurants at big cities in Japan like Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. various of Halal restaurants offers a lot of kinds of food like, Egyptian, Turkish, Pakistan, malaysian and some of Japanese Halal restaurants as well.
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    What is operation time for shops in Japan?
    Most of shops in Japan operating 10:00 〜19:00 Shopping malls and brand`s shops operating 10:00~20:00
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    Can I use local transportation in Japan?
    Yes, can use local transportation (Metro, buses, taxi), but better to know the route and stations names. Rarely can get help as of language difference and most of Japanese can`t speak English.
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    Is there are Masjid for praying in Japan?
    There are Masjid for Muslims at major cities like Tokyo and Osaka. However, there are prayer rooms for muslims at some metro stations.
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    How about safety in japan?
    Japan is very safe country. and Japanese are very kind and polite. You feel safe all the time even by midnight or more late.
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    How many days for ideal tour in Japan?
    The ideal tour in Japan needs 12~14 days.
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    What is the best season to visit Japan?
    Japan has various seasonality and can enjoy the tour all seasons. You can enjoy skiing in winter in Hokkaido in winter, Also, can enjoy the Sakura season on Spring. Summer has many activities like fir works show all over japan and Obon festivals.
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    How about prices for food in Japan?
    There are various of Japanese and foreign cousins all over Japan. Price for food is depend on which kind of food and restaurant. The Japanese restaurant lunch menu is about US$10~20 per meal. However, there are luxury restaurant, menu is US$100~300 per meal.
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    Can I rent a car and drive in Japan?
    Yes, can rest a car in Japan and drive by international license. However, we recommend using local transportation or car with driver, as the handle is right and fins is so expensive.
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    Do I need pre reservation for Sky Tree in Tokyo?
    Yes, we recommend to have pre reservation for Sky tree in Tokyo. As of large number of visitors, you may stand the a queue for long time to get a ticket.
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    Do I need pre reservation for Pullet train?
    No need for pre reservation for the Pullet train if you will use the free seats. However, we recommend to have reservation if you are travelling during week end or high season.
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    Can I find Arabic Japanese speaking guide?
    As we are specialist in Arabs tourism in japan, we can provide Arabic Japanese guides (man or lady) Also, we can give Arabic life support 24 hours a day.
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    How much the medical health check up?
    Japan is one of the most advance countries in medical care and health check up. there is a special department for ladies (all doctors and nurses are ladies) The cost for full health check up is US$3500~5000 depend on hospital and needs.
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