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School Senior Trip

Dream Senior trip to Japan

School Senior trip:

There is no other travel destination excites students and teachers like Japan. It is the perfect student travel destination: diverse, safe, clean, and surprisingly affordable.
Japan is known for being expensive, but as of our experience and relationship with major hotels in Japan, and as of our own assets we will make your student trip to Japan quite reasonable, comparable to trips to Europe and America.

Why Choose Japan for your student trip?
Diverse seasons and beautiful scenery
Japan has four distinct seasons, each with its own characteristic beauty.
In summer, traditional festivals and fireworks show all over Japan cities.
In spring, it is Sakura bloom season in japan, flowers begin to bloom and the country is covered in cherry blossoms.
Autumn brings scarlet and gold leaves and red leaves which is a very unique view specially in Kyoto.
In winter, there is snow in parts of Japan like Hokkaido, where can enjoy mountains of snow and skiing.
Coexistence of cutting edge technology and rich traditions
Japan is one of the most developed countries in technology worldwide.
At the same time, it is a treasure trove of traditional culture, architecture, and art, with 11 World Heritage Sites like Kyoto where are more than 1000 temples and temples around mountain Fuji.
Japan is also a force in popular culture, a leader in animation, fashion, and entertainment.
Very advanced and Developed transportation network
Japan has one of the most advanced transportation network in the world, it makes traveling quick, convenient, and comfortable.
All Japan cities are connected by air, rail, or highway. You can reach everywhere by local transportation.
As unforgettable adventure, students can ride a bullet train and experience what it means to be “faster than a speeding bullet. Speed is more than 300km/hour
Variety choices of accommodations and food
There is a wide variety of accommodations, starts from traditional Japanese hotels calls (Ryokan) to five star international and local chain hotels.
One of the pleasures of visiting Japan is its rich culinary tradition.
In Japan, you can try food from all over the world as various of international cousin is all over Japan, you will find many of Japanese cuisine is delicious and varied like Sushi which is very popular all over the world.
Tempura, Udon and some dishes like Japanese pancakes (Okonomiyaki) and rice and beef bowls (Gyudon). With such diversity in housing and food, there is something for every taste and budget.
Very Safe and comfortable holiday
Japan is one of the safest countries in the world for students to visit. Since it has a low crime rate and advanced international communication and medical care. It is common for female students to walk around at night alone.
Friendly, English speaking people
Japanese are very kind and may offer help without asking, although there English abilities is not that much perfect. As a part of their education, all Japanese students are required to study English and try to practice. So, at touristic areas, you may find a student with a sign board (FREE GUIDE), he or she is offering free guiding just to practice English with travelers.If you need information in Japan, you will have no problem being able to communicate in English. Some of the Japanese may be shy or may not be fluent, but they are hospitable people and eager to help.
Affordable Travel cost
Although Japan has a reputation for being expensive, your stuent trip can be done by affordable cost as of the variety of available accommodations and student discounts on transportation and sightseeing.
It makes this destination affordable for even the most budget conscious tourist.

Why travel with us?
We are specialist in tourism to Japan from Arab world. Our arrangement for student trips in the best way for students and teachers to experience Japan.
Our partners and suppliers are most respected tour operator in Japan, offering very special and high standard services to all our clients from Arab world.
Although knowledge and experience are important when planning a trip, perhaps the most important reason to choose A.T.S Hala Japan is our dedication to our clients.
Our qualified Japanese / Arabic staff with over 15 years of combined experience, ready to assist you at any time. We are constantly striving to improve our tours to give you the best travel experience possible and show you the many facets of Japan's fascinating history and culture.
Our Mission
A.T.S Hala japan aims to give Arab students experience and access to the latest technology in Japan to be a cultural bridge between Japan and the Arab countries. As well as benefit the travel experience in the most advanced countries of the world. So along with the entertainment aspect of the trip, such as to visit Disneyland and Universal Studio.
Our Services
Students tour program:
Visit culture cities and world heritage like,
Visits to culture and world heritage cities like, Tokyo, Kamakura, Yokohama, Kyoto, Nara and Osaka.
Entry to the top of world’s highest tower in Tokyo (Tokyo sly tree)
Spend an educational day at a Japanese school to experience school life day in japan.
Visit National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan)
Visit Japan national museum.
Tour to mountain Fuji and world heritage. Also, cable car tour above the mountain.
Visit Toyota museum and Ninja museum in Nagoya.
Spend full day at Tokyo Disney land
Experience of Pullet train (Shinkansen)
Spend full day at Universal Studio Japan in Osaka.
Visit the largest aquarium in the world in Kobe city.
Give experience of using Japanese local transportation (with a guide and representative team)

Accommodation and Ground Travel Logistics:
Reasonable rate catered to student's trip.
Professional bilingual tour guides
Accommodation at 3 and 4 star hotels.
Coordinate sightseeing and cultural activities
Arrange customized programs and cultural events
New model buses for transportation provided with internet WIFI service.
Plan your tour
A.T.S Hala Japan will give your students the chance to experience the rich historical heritage of Japan and its modern advancements. The cultural diversity and natural beauty of the country will inspire your students, giving them an unforgettable traveling experience.
As japan is one of the most clean and safety countries in the world, we would like you to experience firsthand the different aspects of Japan, from its art and culture to its technology and landscape. Your students are sure to receive a warm, hospitable welcome.
We suggest 14 days for educational/cultural tour. With twelve days in Japan (two days lost for traveling to and from Japan), students can explore historical and geographic sites while immersed in Japanese culture.
For teachers, during our visit to A Japanese school, the teachers can have get an in depth view of the Japanese educational system. We can arrange a meeting with local educators and administrators.
Our mission is making your student’s visit is useful and unforgettable visit.
Sample Senior Trip
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